As hard as they try to slim down, some people are simply more prone to storing fat around the midsection, which often becomes more difficult to lose with age. Diet and exercise are very important, but often affect the areas of the body and face which we rather preserve instead of affecting the areas of “stubborn” fat.

Vanquish ME (Maximum Energy) is a revolutionary FDA-approved technology engineered by BTL Aesthetics (made in the USA) which takes body contouring to the next level. Vanquish ME utilizes gentle focused RF (radiofrequency) waves to destroy fat cells permanently, but leaving remaining body tissue unharmed.

The industry’s largest spot size is designed to treat the whole abdomen from flank to flank during one session for circumferential reduction–a sharp contrast to other systems, which focus only on smaller, localized fat deposits. Also, Vanquish ME employs a first-of-its-kind technology using a contactless applicator, making the procedure painless.

With the largest spot size in the industry, this next generation fat reducing device provides natural-looking results across the entire abdominal and core area.

Vanquish ME is a simple procedure for those looking to eliminate belly fat, love handles, and thighs without surgery. The remnants of the fat cells get absorbed and eliminated by the liver. The body needs about 4 days to eliminate the fat of a single session, so it is recommended to have an interval of a week in between the sessions.

Vanquish ME is completely painless and doesn’t require any anesthesia or recovery. During the procedure, a technician adjusts a wide applicator close to the patient’s belly without any direct contact to the skin. Patients often describe a comfortable and relaxing feeling of warmth similar to a hot stone massage. It is ideal for patients 21 years or older who are up to about 20+ pounds overweight and desire aesthetic body shaping without the cost and recovery of surgery.

Clients can return to any daily activity or work right after the procedure. It is imperative to drink plenty of water before and after each session. Vanquish ME is not a weight loss program but rather a way of “losing inches” in the desired area. The course of a Vanquish ME treatment consists of 4 to 6 sessions.

A whole course of Vanquish ME treatments costs only a fraction of a traditional liposuction. Vanquish ME should not be used for pregnant or breastfeeding females, or for people with cardiac pacemakers or defibrillators.

If you are frustrated by lingering excess fat despite working out, a healthy diet, and an active lifestyle, feel free to arrange your complimentary consultation and find out if Vanquish ME is the right treatment for you.

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