Unsightly scars and stretch marks can look quite disfiguring, and often times can create emotional scarring too.  Scars form when the natural process of wound-healing is disrupted and too much, or too little, collagen is produced.  There are different types of scars:

  • Hypertrophic scars -raised pink scars at the area of the wound that gradually regress and fade.
  • Pigmented scars-dark looking scars due to excess pigment accumulation in the scar area (more common in the clients with the skin types IV and higher).
  • Atrophic scars-depressed small pockets in the skin that can result from some skin conditions like acne and chickenpox.
  • Keloid scars -reddish-purple raised scars that progress over the time and tend to spread beyond the initial wound area.  These scars are also more common in the clients with the skin types IV and higher.

Stretch marks (or striae) are the lines which occur from tearing of the deep skin layers from rapid growth or over-stretching.  Conditions commonly associated with stretch marks are: obesity, puberty, or pregnancy. 

As a result of over-stretching and tearing, normal production of collagen gets disrupted (similar to scar formation).  As they form, stretch marks are usually purple-red colored, but with time they turn into white or silvery stretch marks.

Lasers are widely used for scar and stretch mark correction.  Lasers works by creating micro burns on the skin around the scar and activating collagen production.  Increased collagen production makes scars and stretch marks look more like the surrounding, unaffected skin.  At Vita we use equipment for treatment of scars and stretch marks. 

Other treatment options include: microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and steroid injections.  Each treatment has to be carefully tailored for your skin type, scar/stretch marks stage, as well as your personal expectations. In some cases, several treatment sessions may be required. Call us to arrange your complimentary consultation.

Before Scar Treatment.


After Scar Treatment.


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