It’s not uncommon to see a rejuvenated face next to an aging, wrinkly neck, creating an obvious contrast. Neck area aging is a complex process which varies substantially from person to person and is often left neglected.

Some clients lose the tone and texture of their skin as a result of collagen and fat depletion; others seem to accumulate extra fat tissue with age. Unprotected sun exposure and hormonal changes are the most powerful factors responsible for neck aging. Smoking, pollution, dehydration, and poor skin care are also extremely damaging.

A good quality moisturizer, a sunscreen with SPF 30 and up, and vitamin C and D products should be used as an essential part of the daily neck rejuvenation. Nonsurgical alternatives for neck rejuvenation include:

  • IPL or LED for skin texture and pigmented spots
  • Regular facials including the neck
  • Pixel laser for skin resurfacing and collagen production
  • Pelleve or Exilis skin tightening for new collagen production
  • INTRAcel treatment for both: tightening and resurfacing
  • Botox injections for the neck lines/bands (“turkey neck”)
  • Dermal fillers for the jaw line and wrinkle correction
  • Lipodissolve and Kybella for double chin reduction and skin rejuvenation
  • PRP for skin rejuvenation
  • Thread Lift procedure for skin lifting and firming

There is no universal solution for treatment of an aging neck. Each individual case should be evaluated carefully to assess skin type and laxity, amount of fat deposits, muscular tone and structure, also the expectations of the client. In some extreme cases surgery may be the best possible solution.

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