Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal walls are naturally elastic and supple, thanks to the hormone estrogen. Over time, and after childbirth, the vaginal muscles can stretch and loosen. When the estrogen production drops due to a hormonal imbalance or menopause, the vaginal tissue can atrophy.

This weakened and loose vaginal tissue can cause pelvic organ prolapse and incontinence. Very often, sex becomes less pleasurable or even painful. For a long time, treatment options were limited to just surgery or hormonal creams.

Now days, non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation procedures can treat many of these unpleasant symptoms.

Ultra Femme 360™ vaginal rejuvenation is a non-invasive, simple procedure designed to restore vaginal health. This highly effective vaginal rejuvenation and labia treatment makes use of fast radio frequencies and 360 degrees Volumetric Heating technology.

It helps to restore and increase blood flow while stimulating collagen and elastin production. As a result, patients will experience mucosal thickening, increased muscle tone, and restored sensation. The procedure of vaginal rejuvenation has a much higher success rate than the use of Kegel exercises or hormonal creams. Each treatment session lasts approximately 10 minutes. For optimal results, we recommend 3 treatment sessions scheduled at once a week.

Most patients will notice an improvement after the first treatment session. Results of vaginal rejuvenation continue to improve during the 3-week therapy period and in later follow-ups. The Ultra Femme 360™ heats tissue at lower temperatures compared to ablative lasers like MonaLisa, meaning there is no risk of damage, infection, or scarring.

The procedure is comfortable and painless. Our specialists take care to pick the correct form-fitting applicator tip size for a comfortable experience.

Here are some reasons why patients seek vaginal rejuvenation:

  • Restoring vaginal tightness following multiple births or a large birth
  • Restoring uneven, hanging, large, or wrinkled labia minora
  • Treating urinary incontinence
  • Restoring vaginal lubrication and elasticity and relieve discomfort experienced during sexual intercourse
  • Tightening the vaginal muscle tone for improved sexual pleasure for a woman and her partner

Patients can return to their normal activities and even sexual intercourse upon returning home from the procedure. There is no residual pain, swelling, or discharge in contrast ablative laser treatments. Ultra Femme 360™ vaginal rejuvenation improves your comfort as a woman and restores your self-confidence. Call us to arrange your complimentary consultation and learn about Ultra Femme 360vaginal rejuvenation–a10 minute procedure that can change your life.

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