In order to augment and maintain the results from the advanced cosmetic procedures it is crucial to utilize proper skin care. Vita would like to share with you some important but simple tips on routine skin care and products:

  • It is always easier to prevent than fix any damage, so consider quitting smoking, wear a sunblock with high a SPF number (even in the winter), get enough sleep, eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly.
  • Know your skin type before considering any products (oily, normal/combination or dry/sensitive). What is good for other people may be harmful for your skin!
  • Use daily cleanser but avoid using any bar soaps on your face and neck to prevent excessive dryness. Do not cleanse too often.
  • Avoid daily exfoliation; weekly scrubs are usually enough in most of the cases. Use exfoliation products only with tiny grains to avoid skin damage.
  • Stop any vigorous manipulations/squeezing to prevent scarring. Consider regular medical facials with an experienced aesthetician to keep the pores open and to nourish your skin.
  • Use a good quality moisturizer daily, no matter what skin type you have (except acne patients). Be careful choosing you moisturizer, avoid using oil-based ones not to clog the pores.
  • Oral intake of even high doses of vitamins (like A and C) can not replace topical formulations.

We carry a private line of unique “Vita” skin care products. These high quality medical strength skin care products are specifically designed to be used under the supervision of a physician and cannot be bought in stores, salons and spas.

We also offer a wide selection of well-known product brads, such as: Jan Marini, SkinMedica as well as mineral makeup from GloMinerals.

A consultation with our doctor or medical aesthetician will help to customize your unique skin care regimen for the best long-term results. Call us to arrange your complimentary consultation.

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