Spider veins are the small red and purple veins visible right under the skin surface. They are commonly found on the face, legs, and the ankles. Spider veins are connected to the larger, deeper bluish reticular veins which often “feed” them.

Varicose veins are the large blue veins that bulge up and have a twisted appearance (mostly found on the legs). None of these veins have any essential function but they all have unsightly appearance.

Some predisposing factors for the spider veins include: heredity, pregnancy, prolonged standing, age, and the skin type.

There are multiple options available for the spider veins treatment, including: sclerotherapy, IPL, Pelleve, and lasers.

Sclerotherapy, so far, is the most common method used to treat reticular and spider veins. It involves simple injections of a medication directly into these blood vessels causing them to collapse.

It is recommended to wear compression stockings for a few days after spider veins treatment. Sclerotherapy can be combined with the laser procedures to achieve superior results. Lasers and IPL work by using light energy, which is absorbed by the spider veins causing them to scar down. In both treatments the body then absorbs the remnants of the veins in 4 to 8 weeks.

On average 2 to 5 treatments are usually required, however, a small area can be addressed with a single treatment. All these procedures are very effective and safe. Some potential complications include: bruising, burns, scarring, and pigmentation in the treated area. At Vita we will help you to determine the best and the safest treatment for your age, vein size and the skin type.

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