Lipodissolve (or Lipo-dissolve) is a series of micro-injections used to dissolve fat deposits on the face and body. Lipodissolve was originally discovered in Italy in the early 1980’s and modified in Europe in 2002. Lipodissolve is the best therapy for those who have localized areas of fat deposits which need reduction and have poor response to diet and exercise, or those who unable or unwilling to undergo sugery but still looking for body contouring.

Lipodissolve micro-injections target the fat deposits. The medications injected initiate the fat to gradually loosen, liquefy and finally dissolve and eliminate through the natural process. Lipodissolve is also sometimes used by plastic surgeons to mobilize fat during liposuction, or after liposuction to correct surgical deformities such as increased cellulite from liposuction and ‘ripple’ effect from surgery.

Lipodissolve is not a weight loss program, and although some patients have dramatic reduction in circumferal measurement, the actual weight loss may be insignificant. This occurs even with liposuction surgery of fat because fat itself is very light in weight. Common Lipodissolve questions can be answered here. Call today for your free consultation to find out if Lipodissolve is right for you.  Call us to arrange your complimentary consultation.

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